Hello, Im Odeya

Im a Los Angeles based interdisciplinary vocalist and composer. 

My creative journey began in theater in my youth and continued into music with songwriting, Jazz improvisation studies, experimental music, contemporary chamber composition and eventually a solo interdiscplinary acoustic practice. I taught yoga for 13 years and have been leading vocal sound meditations since 2012. 

This work has been inspired by too many things to list, mainly the fruits of healing the challenges of my own voice, and my own insecurities. Really it has come from the experience of being human and asking those infinite questions about who, what and where we are. Am I good enough? Am I worthy? Am I safe? Am I loved? In my opinion the voice exposes so much in us and brings it to light. The voice helps me begin to make sense of it all, embrace, connect, and release what needs to be released. 

I have worked with adults as an embodied vocal coach for 15 years. I find that so many people carry an experience, especially from childhood, that instilled fear and shame and disconnected them from using their voice. Many people speak of mothers, fathers, and teachers being the ones to tell them they should not sing, that they don’t have a good voice. 

Loving our voice should not be a privilege, it should be a right.  

This work has been my own ongoing personal journey into deeper self love and acceptance and one that I feel extremely passionate about sharing.


My performance work has been presented at venues and festivals across the US and internationally, such as The LA Phil, Merkin Concert Hall, The Broad Museum and MONA from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv, Australia, Mongolia, Madagascar and Vietnam. My recent album ODE, was included in the The New Yorker’s notable recordings of 2022.

Learn more:     

www.odeyanini.com              www.voicebath.com